Nederlands Mijnmuseum (Dutch Mining Museum)

2022-06-13 17:01:47

Having opened its doors on 1 May, the Dutch Mining Museum’s new location in a listed department store is the ideal place to explore the Netherlands’ rich mining history. Keen to show its wonderful collection to international tourists, the museum asked Duo to provide English translations of its content.

English translations of museum content

We provided an English translation of the most important content, including animations, audio excerpts, and questions and answers to a quiz. Providing a key for international visitors to access the fascinating mining history, they can now benefit from a complete and enjoyable museum experience

Terms, terms, terms

As we translated, we came up against several tricky terms. With such unique terminology, texts about the mining industry can sometimes be a headache for translators. ‘Surface coal miner’, ‘coal hewer’, ‘wire gauze’ (part of a safety lamp), and ‘Marsaut plate’ (the protective plate on a safety lamp) are some examples of mining jargon.

The terminology is also influenced by the local dialect, with place-specific terms and names regularly making an appearance. For example, the noun ‘koempels’ (local dialect for ‘buddy’) used to refer to miners; nowadays, it’s a nickname for supporters of Roda JC football club. Our translators provided the correct translation of these terms, if necessary with an explanation, so that international visitors could understand everything properly.

Getting the historical facts right

Of course, all the historical facts in the translation must also be correct. That’s why our translators paid close attention to the details and were in regular contact with the museum to clear things up. That way, we could be sure that the translated texts contained the right factual information.

We would like to congratulate the Dutch Mining Museum on the opening of the new location and thank them for being such a fantastic client! We loved working on this project!