Price indication

We work with and translate words, so you pay by the word, not the hour. This also means we can provide a reliable price quote and give you concrete information for your budget. The rate per word depends on the language combination and the specialist nature of the text.

The word rates we apply always include:
- Extensive terminology research
- Updates to a term list or client translation memory
- A second check by a proofreader
- Handling of the project by a project manager

We use specialized software to first analyse the word repetitions in each project. We offer these repetitions at a reduced rate.

Minimum rate
For translations of 0 to 250 words we charge a minimum rate which varies between €20.00 and


Transcreation + € 0.07 per word
Translation + SEO price available on request
Translation + certification (sworn translation) + € 0.05 per word



Draft-quality translation € - 0.03 per word discount
Multilingual translation projects of 1,000 words or more 5% discount

* We offer a range of discount options if you place more than €5,000 of translation projects with us each year.

other services

Editing/revision € 65,- per hour
Copywriting € 95,- per hour

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