Price indication

You will not find a list of prices here, and we have a reason for that. This is because each translation project is unique. Prices vary for each translation project, which is why we always provide a tailor-made quote.

As a translation agency, we work with and translate words. That is why we charge by the word, not the hour. We think this is the most honest approach. This also ensures you know exactly where you stand.

First and foremost, the word rate depends on the language combination. For example, there are many more English translators than Finnish translators. This means that the rates for a translation into English are generally lower than those for a translation into Finnish.

Additionally, the word rate depends on the type of text you want to have translated. Does the assignment concern the translation of a reasonably simple product description? Perhaps it concerns a very specific, persuasive marketing message? Alternatively, it could be a complex legal text? Each translation project applies a unique working method, and specialized translators must work with your texts. This has an effect on the word rate you pay.

The word rates we apply always include:
- Comprehensive terminological research;
- Creation of a glossary and a customer-specific translation memory;
- A second check of the translation by a proofreader;
- A project manager who is your point of contact for questions or suggestions.

In addition, we use special software to analyse all assignments for repetitions: we offer any text repetitions at a reduced rate.

If you would like to know how much a translation costs, then please request a quote without obligation or contact us!

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