Post-editing / editing

Got to work on a translation yourself? Nothing wrong with that, of course, although it is difficult to be sure of the quality of the translated text. At Duo, we are happy to lend a hand. Of course, we also want you to be able to reach your target audience and objectives.


Perhaps you, or a colleague, are perfectly skilled in a foreign language. But sometimes doubt still strikes. Is all the grammar correct? Is this really the professional term you should use? Does your target audience understand at all what you actually want to communicate?

We are happy to screen your text. First and foremost on correct spelling and terminology, but also on style and content. After our revision, you will receive an error-free translation from us.


A machine translation is fast, automatic and often free of charge. So we certainly understand that it’s difficult sometimes to fight the temptation. However, depending on the translation engine you have chosen, chances are that the message from the original text is not transferred correctly in the translation. This is because translation engines do not include context or common threads in translations. With post-editing, we make sure that none of your content, style or message gets lost in translation. We make sure that things have not been taken out of context, and that the text is still as convincing as the one you wrote. Our people will be happy to help you get this in order.

The result? A readable, understandable translation, entirely in the style and context you intended.

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