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Translation is so much more than just converting words into another language. It’s about understanding what the intention and message of a text is, and expressing it in just the right words. That takes a lot of feeling and great expertise. At Duo, Maastricht’s most creative translation agency, we have been understanding the nuances of our profession and yours since 1995. This is how we ensure the best translations.

From website and webshop translations, to translations for the beauty and fashion industry, legal translations and marketing translations – at translation agency Duo, you’re in the right place.

Duo: the message behind your words

A good translation appeals to your target audience, expands your reach and provides you with new opportunities and clients. We are convinced that translation starts with listening and understanding. Understanding what drives you, what is going on in your industry and where you want to go. Especially in marketing, people spend a lot of time on the content, style and tone of voice of texts. A translation should therefore feel exactly the same, and convey the same effect as the original text you have undoubtedly taken great care over. This also applies to legal translations, technical translations and medical translations, for example.

This requires a good translator. A translator who understands the context and reads between the lines and words. Someone who understands the message perfectly, knows the style of your text and makes your translation seamlessly fit both your company and your target audience. That is why we select the most suitable translators, who are all native speakers, with the right specialist knowledge for each translation project. That is how we deliver customised solutions anytime, anywhere, for the local market or on a global scale – no matter how complex your translation project or language combination.

Let's create something beautiful together

We have a passion for words and languages. For this reason, we do not limit ourselves to translating texts, but also help you create them. Our experienced, specialised writers can write any text you need, from frequent social media content creation to complete catalogues.

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Maastricht translator, international expertise

After 25 years, there is virtually no field or industry in which Duo does not have translation experience. Nevertheless, we have specialised in a number of fields, in which we serve several well-known clients. We are specialised in translating texts where it’s not just about converting words from one language to another. Rather, it’s about conveying the underlying strength, message, experience or identity.