About Duo

Translation is so much more than converting words into another language. Translating is about understanding what the intention and message of a text is, and expressing this in just the right words. That takes a lot of feeling and great expertise. At Duo, we have been understanding the nuances of our profession and yours since 1995. This is how we ensure the best translations.

Duo’s working method

Our clients are our top priority. Whether we are translating a brochure for a client in the leisure industry, a webshop for a beauty brand or a catalogue for a designer − each translation project requires a completely different approach.

Translation is human work and true quality comes from within. At Duo, we translate with sensitivity and work with well-trained translators with specific expertise. As a result, they always know exactly how to create a perfect translation for you and your target audience. In addition, our project managers understand what drives you and ensure that your translation projects run smoothly.

International expertise and clients

In the last 25 years, we have been providing translations for clients of which we are very proud. In that time, we have specialised in different (creative) fields. We serve well-known clients from different countries within these areas of expertise:

  • Marketing + content
  • Beauty + fashion
  • Design + lifestyle
  • Art + architecture
  • Food + leisure

We also offer legal translations (including sworn translations), technical translations, agricultural translations, medical translations and webshop and website translations. There is virtually no translation project or language combination that is unknown territory for us.

Meet our team

Our team knows exactly how to tackle your translation project, however complex it may be. Our staff knows what questions to ask to ensure you get the translation you expect. They ensure a tight schedule and make costs and delivery times transparent and understandable. No worries: they can take everything off your hands.

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