Many of the translations we make are intended for printed publication. Think of documents such as brochures, magazines, catalogues and advertorials. When it comes to marketing translations to languages with different punctuation, such as Spanish, or languages with mirrored reading directions, such as Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew, however, the layout after translation often turns out just a little different than you would have liked. That’s why we also offer desktop publishing services at Duo.

A perfect translation, also for the eye

We always start from the existing document. This layout is our starting point for translation, because context is inseparable from content. Our specialised translators can work directly in text formatting programmes such as InDesign. Want to know if we also work with your programme? Contact our team!

You will receive a fully formatted translation which you no longer have to worry about. It can go straight to the printer or be published online.

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Interested in our dtp services, or any of our other additional services? Request a no-obligation quote or contact our team and we will discuss all options with you.

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