Duo vertaalburo translates a huge number of words on paper and online, but we can also assist you in the spoken word. Our professional interpreters can translate conversations or meetings in real time for you.

They join you at the table during a personal interview with one or more other people. Alternatively we can also provide an interpreting service by telephone, for instance in a conference call. Naturally, we can also be called upon for large-scale meetings, conferences, and presentations, for which we can provide an interpreter who speaks softly to you in your language while a speaker is speaking in a different language. This is known as whispered simultaneous interpreting. We can also arrange consecutive interpreting, summarizing a presentation for you during the intervals or short breaks during a lecture. Because the languages and situations in which we provide interpreting services vary widely, the prices for interpreters are always tailored to the situation and a quote is provided on request.

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