Agricultural & Horticultural businesses have to comply with tough regulations and keep up with ever-changing requirements. Add to that the reams of scientific data and subject-specific knowledge in brochures, websites, and reports, and you will need a translation partner you can trust. By working with translators with industry-specific knowledge, who know what they're talking about and who they're talking to, we can deliver solid translations that are tailored to the branch and suited to the background and expertise of the target audience.

The types of translations we offer in this field include: agricultural and horticultural reports, surveys, labels, studies, brochures, and websites.


Our clients include: Bayer, Wageningen University & Research, Koppert BV, Denkavit, Harvest House, Modiform, ICL Group, Elburg-Smit BV, Grodan, Certhon, Vitensa, Tozer Seeds.

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# Nick Janssen
Project Manager
+31 (0)43 3256339
We're extremely happy with Duo's service. Not only did they get the job done fast, but the team was also really friendly!
Tim van Leeuwen   Vitapep
After so many years working together, we've become part of the Duo family!
Zayd Abdulla   Wageningen University & Research
We've been working successfully with Duo for many years now. They always deliver top-quality translations, which means our colleagues in other EU countries don't need to waste valuable time checking texts. Simply put, it's a win-win situation for everyone!
Martine Millecam   Scotts Professional
We've enjoyed working with Duo for years! With quick turnaround times, clear communication, and a client-oriented mindset, we'll definitely continue our partnership well into the future!
Cor Meurs   Wageningen University & Research
Duo always sends us a quote quickly and makes sure to let us know when the job will be done. All in all, we're happy with the service!
Liesbeth Kahlman   Enza Zaden B.V.
We often send Duo jobs that need to be done quickly but still be of a high quality. It's great to have a trusted, professional partner who can help you in times like these!
Jan van Berkel   Koppert Cress
If I had to sum up Duo in three words, I would say: quantity, accuracy, and quality!
Philippe Camps   Everris International B.V.