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Words can make or break a deal – especially if you're working in communications, marketing, or business. Whether you're communicating a message, providing information, or looking to inspire your clients, choosing the right words and style is an absolute must. We make sure your message comes through loud and clear in whichever language you choose.

The types of translations we offer in this field include: marketing texts, advertorials, press releases, websites, brochures, social media content, commercials, material for trade fairs, and PR documents.


Our clients include: Wolters Kluwer nv, Harver, Profile Dynamics, IRI Nederland, Widemex International B.V., Unique, Sanoma, VVV Maastricht, Lee Hecht Harrison, Basebuilder, Q-Park.

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# Melanie Schols
Project Manager
+31 (0)43 3256339
Once again, Duo sent me a fantastic English translation within no time. Fantastic!
Maurice Wubben   STR3TCH
I use Duo for all sorts of clients and projects. I'm always impressed by the quality of the translations, the turnaround time, and the price on the quote. Thanks for all your good work and effort (especially with those rush jobs!)
Hans Bours   Bureau 20/20
Excellent, quick service.
Thea   Fotostudio [G2]
Duo never misses a deadline!
Emma Evans   English Services
I've always been impressed by Duo. After a brief period away, the first translation I got back from Duo was excellent and delivered quickly.
Ruud Couwenhoven   eRCeeMedia
I love working with Duo. The team knows what they're talking about, even when it comes to sector-specific language issues.
Roger Haane   de Merkboer
Working with Duo is a dream. They always send us great translations in no time!
I. Titulaer   Viduro Marketing & Communicatie