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Smell, taste, experience... Companies and brands in the food, beverage, and leisure industries know exactly how to attract lovers of their products and keep them coming back for more. Of course, that strategy needs to be successful in every language. We know this. Our translators weigh up words like ingredients to make sure they're to your individual taste.

The types of translations we offer in this field include: websites, brochures, adverts, social media content, press releases, labels, product information, and quarterly bulletins and reports.


Our clients include: Coca-Cola Company, Bacardí, Daily Fresh Food, Culiversum, Plus Retail, Minami Nutrition, Douglas Laboratories, La Bergère Hospitality Group, Camille Oostwegel Collection, Thermae 2000, Zaans Museum, NH Hotels, Van der Valk Hotel, GaiaZOO Kerkrade

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# Nick Janssen
Project Manager
+31 (0)43 3256339
For years now, we've had our culinary texts translated by Duo. The team is extremely friendly, is always willing to help, and always (and I mean always) sticks to its promises! We couldn't ask for a better agency.
Els van der Kruijs   Gastronomixs
I've never worked with Duo before. Having called them today with an urgent assignment (a tricky one - about milk powder packaging), I asked whether it could be sent back on the same time. The answer: No problem!
Paul Seijben   Robin Food Ltd.
Duo is simply perfect. They're quick, affordable, and were able to translate my Dutch text (not the best written) into perfect English. Amazing!
Jean Debeij   Kroketten serveerbedrijf Margraten