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We're well aware of the broad complexities of medicine and pharmaceuticals, which is why we use the best medical translators who are specialists in their field. They are right up to date with the latest developments and have an excellent understanding of the various linguistic registers. You can rest assured that our translations follow the latest QRD template and MedDRA terminology.

The types of translations we offer in this field include: clinical trials, medical aids, texts for market launches, instruction leaflets for patients, manuals, safety information leaflets, and packaging texts.

our clients

Our clients include: Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Bayer Medical Care B.V., Galderma Benelux B.V., ACIST Europe B.V., ViCentra B.V., CORDIS, UCB Pharma, Maastricht UMC+, IN2PHARMA NV, FocusCura Groep B.V., and HSI - Medisch Centrum de Wittevrouwenhof

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# Lina Nellissen
Project Manager
+31 (0)43 3256339
I don't know any other company that is so friendly and flexible with its clients, whatever challenge we throw at them! I'm also always impressed by the quality of the translations I receive.
John Wijenbergh   Maastricht Hart+Vaat Centrum
Duo always makes sure it provides a great service, responds quickly, and goes that extra mile for its clients. I love working with the team.
K. van Zelst   Galderma Benelux B.V.
I am extremely impressed with the quality of the translations Duo sends us, as well as the service provided by the team!
Marina   Atrium Innovations Belgium