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The technical sector is a real melting pot of disciplines – but we speak your specific language. Our 25 years of experience and extensive customer base mean we have a broad knowledge of applied technology. We can therefore provide fit-for-purpose translations that use technical terminology consistently. We're aware that even a minor error in a manual can have huge consequences - which is why we always work with specialized translators with a proven technical background.

The types of translations we offer in this field include: reports, manuals, websites about environmental technology, recycling, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, construction and civil engineering, renewable energy, water management, and automotive.


Our clients include: BMW, DSM, Haagen Fire Training Products, Haco Tail Lift Parts, Valstar Simonis, Rockwool BV, Chemelot, Brightlands Maastricht, ARP, John Deere, TOSHIBA, Technomed Europe, Tauw Deventer, Highlite International.

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# Rachel Wolfs
Project Manager
+31 (0)43 3256339
Duo is a reliable and friendly company. They respond quickly to requests and deliver top-quality translations at a competitive price.
Hans Weber   Naiad Dynamics Holland BV
Thank you, Duo! Having contacted Duo for the first time yesterday afternoon, we were sent our translation job, completed, within 24 hours. Such great service!
M. Coumans   BluTech Solutions
Duo offers quick turnaround times and sticks to its promises. I also really enjoy working with the friendly team!
Mascha Verkoulen   Maco Customs Service
Duo offers such a friendly and quick service, which is something you don't often find nowadays. Thank you!
Monique Fioole   RetourMatras
I had my translation within 24 hours! I also loved how the project managers provided their input and made sure I received two versions of the translation, so I could pick the one that I preferred. I've used Duo many times since and plan to do so well into the future.
Franka van Dommelen   FC Company
Alongside an efficient and quick service, Duo checked the final version of the translation for free. What a team!
Angelique Schmitz   ESE World BV
Thanks for the quick turnaround time and the accurate translation. Very impressed!
Jan de Bie   JORC